Nordstrom Home Decor’s Christmas Gifts Are A Perfect Match For Christmas 2017

Nordstrom is partnering with fashion brand Gucci to offer a festive Christmas-themed line of home decor.According to the company’s Facebook page, the new line is designed to “offer a new, bold look to celebrate Christmas in 2017.”While the line is limited to the brand’s namesake stores, Gucci is selling the items online and at select boutiques and department stores in […]

Why Nordstrom has the best home decor

Nordstrom is known for its home decor.But this autumn it is selling its home-design line to a brand-new company called J.Crew.Its website describes it as “a lifestyle brand that redefines the way we look at home”.Its new home-brand line includes a new collection of women’s home decor: a collection of products designed to bring you “the feeling of being a […]