What you need to know about Japanese home decor

JAPANESE HOME CONDUCTOR,HERE COME THE HOME DECORATIONS JAPANS HISTORY AND RECENT INTEREST In ancient times, the Japanese were the first Europeans to settle in Japan, which was conquered in 1603.They had settled in the region for hundreds of years and had made the most of the fertile land.The land was rich in natural resources, but the climate was harsh.The country […]

Which Japanese Home Decor is Your Favorite?

The summer season is officially here, and Japan is getting into the decor game with some truly breathtaking and gorgeous Japanese home decor.While the style of Japan has evolved in recent years, the country still has a ton of amazing places to see and do.Here are some of the best summer home decor options.1.Japans best summer homes (not necessarily on […]

What do you need to know about Japanese home decor

Nordic home decor retailer Kinko’s is hosting a live chat with Nordic Home Designers, a Nordic style home decor brand, on Friday to discuss the brand’s home decor concepts.The brand’s mission is to “create a new world of beauty and happiness.”Kinko said the chat is designed to give the Nordic home designers an opportunity to “answer questions on the brand.”Nordic […]