How to decorate your Easter home

With all the festive spirit going on this year, it’s a good time to look at some Easter decorations for your home.If you’re looking for something festive, a traditional Easter egg roll is a good option for your Easter egg collection.It can be used as a simple Easter egg decorating or you can add a variety of Easter egg toppings […]

What you need to know about the Amazonian rainforest: What to know before you go.

National Geographic has released its annual list of the world’s most important places to visit.The most-visited countries are the U.S., India, China, and Australia.There’s also a new addition to the list this year, Russia.The U.N. has said the region of Central Asia, including the country of Kazakhstan, will be the most affected by the climate change crisis.The region accounts for […]

What’s the best home decor wallpaper for 2018?

The perfect wall decoration is key to your home’s charm, and this year, you’ll find a range of home decor wallpapers on the market.Whether you’re looking for a wall to put up your favorite TV, a cozy sofa, or a gorgeous backdrop, these wallpapers are sure to inspire your home.The best home décor wallpapers for 2018The following wallpapers will be […]

How to decorate your home without the big bucks

By JAMES D. KLEINEN, Associated PressA new look at the old and the new at home decor.This year’s issue of The Wall Street Journal, with the help of The National Association of Home Builders, offers a snapshot of home décor trends and offers tips on how to make it your own.It includes an in-depth look at a variety of home […]

Why are so many people spending more time looking at cats online?

People are increasingly looking for pet products online, especially on social media platforms like Instagram, where people often upload photos and videos of their pets.In addition to online shopping, people are increasingly spending time looking for accessories or decorations to add to their homes.Cat decor is among the most popular items on the market, with sales totaling $1.5 billion in […]

How to Make $50,000 Per Year on Rent in Memphis, Tenn.

How to make $50 or more per year on rent in Memphis?According to the data available on, Memphis has one of the highest rents in the country, averaging $946 per month, up from $634 in 2014.It’s also a city with a high concentration of affordable housing, according to the report.“It is difficult to live in Memphis,” said the report’s […]

Nordstrom Home Decor’s Christmas Gifts Are A Perfect Match For Christmas 2017

Nordstrom is partnering with fashion brand Gucci to offer a festive Christmas-themed line of home decor.According to the company’s Facebook page, the new line is designed to “offer a new, bold look to celebrate Christmas in 2017.”While the line is limited to the brand’s namesake stores, Gucci is selling the items online and at select boutiques and department stores in […]

How to Make the Perfect Mexican Home Decor

A Mexican home decorista’s favorite item is a wall that can stand on its own as an inviting and functional decoration.Read moreIn an article published in the online edition of Popular Mechanics, the article’s author, Dan Smith, wrote about his passion for Mexican home décor.The article included a video of Smith standing on a wall and making the wall look […]