Wisteria Home Decor Guide: The Best Home Decors

Wisteria Home Decor Guide: The Best Home Decors

When it comes to Wisterias waterfalls, home decor expert John Laskowski, author of the Wisteri-Garden Widget, says, “They’re really the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

It’s not only aesthetically beautiful but also functionally.

You can’t go into the woods and not have a Wisterial cascade of cascading waterfalls that look like something you could put on your own house.”

If you’re thinking of getting into the business of decorating your own Wisterian-themed home, Laskowskis best advice is to do it your own way.

“You have to be patient and be creative with your own design,” Laskowksi explains.

“When you’re doing your own home decor and you want to do a WISTERIA home, go to a designer, go online and see what’s out there.

Look for the WISTERIWIDGET.”

If all else fails, Laskski recommends getting involved with a local nonprofit.

“It’s really hard to find an actual WISTERIAN organization in your area,” he says.

“So, if you’re like, ‘I want to have a little bit of a WINDOWED WANDERIA,’ I would recommend starting a nonprofit to support the Wisters.”

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