Why you should spend the weekend at home

Why you should spend the weekend at home

In a recent New York magazine article titled “Why You Should Spend the Weekend at Home,” author and travel writer Emily Zuckerman and her husband, travel writer and photographer Mike Fusco, wrote: “There’s something beautiful about the moment when we’re sitting at the dining table, sipping a drink, talking about life, food, and the way we love the outdoors.

I think it’s important that we take the time to reconnect.

I mean, we both love hiking and camping, so I’m always happy to share the story of my life with someone who doesn’t know much about it, or about it in general.”

In a follow-up article, Zuckers said, “It’s important for us to make it easy for the other person, to make them feel welcome, and it’s especially important for couples who have kids.

We also know that it’s hard to find a place to be together after a long day of camping and hiking, and we know that the kids have a lot of free time.”

Here’s what we learned from the weekend of adventures and adventures in New York: We spent a little over a week camping at a friend’s house in the Hudson Valley.

This was my first time camping at home, so it was a good opportunity to get to know our space, and to learn a little about the local landscape and the surrounding natural and cultural resources.

We didn’t have a huge tent or anything like that.

We were able to enjoy some of the wild, beautiful views and even see some of our favorite wildlife.

I loved it so much, I decided to camp in the woods.

This is one of my favorite places to go in New Jersey.

It’s called a “sunny creek,” and you can walk up the creek and see a little of the natural wonder, and there are lots of nice, quiet lakes, ponds, and rivers in the area.

And this is one area where we were able the most, in terms of having a great time, and having a little fun with the animals.

We took advantage of our new, large tent, which allowed us to sleep on the ground.

This allowed us the opportunity to be in close proximity to the birds and to get some really great bird photos.

And the view was spectacular.

This photo was taken at the entrance to our park.

We have a cabin in the back, which was a great place to set up a campfire and to catch some rays.

We had a couple of kids that were sleeping on the floor, and they were so excited to be sleeping.

We made some sandwiches, and I had some leftover ham from my meal, and Mike had a bag of hot dogs.

We went out to the water to go kayaking and paddle a few miles down the shore to a small lake that we could use as a temporary camping site.

We then took a short boat ride down to the lake to see what’s there and see if there were any fish.

It was a beautiful day.

We stayed in a beautiful cabin on the shore, and for a while, we went for a swim in the lake.

It wasn’t very big, but it was really cool to see the sea.

We did a little yoga on the beach, and this was one of the best experiences of our weekend.

And after we were done there, we just took our dogs for a walk around the cabin.

And it was just beautiful.

And we were sitting there, talking, and listening to the music.

We just got up and went for another walk around, and then Mike came back and said, We have to get up there.

And I said, I can’t wait to see it.

And he said, Yeah, and he was right.

And then he got up there, and that’s when he saw it for the first time, it was amazing.

And you just feel like you’re really, really close to it.

We spent our time outdoors in the park, but we also did a lot more socializing, like hanging out at the park.

It allowed us some opportunities to really decompress, to spend some quality time together, and really enjoy each other.

The park was so gorgeous, and our kids were so thrilled to see everything.

We got to see all these birds and other wildlife.

And there were a lot different kinds of animals that we didn’t see much of in the city, so we spent a lot time with these little creatures that are just out there and are just just living their lives.

We ended up spending the weekend in a nice little cabin on a lake, and you could spend a whole day here, and not feel lonely.

We really enjoyed it.

The food and drink was great, and so was the view.

The sun was out.

And, finally, I was feeling good, and in the middle of it all, I felt a little bit of the pressure of the day coming on,