Why a home decor store may not exist anymore

Why a home decor store may not exist anymore

Home Depot has announced that it is shutting down its online store.

The news came from the company’s website, which is no longer up.

The site is currently down, but we can still see the product descriptions.

“This year we want to create a new and unique experience for you to shop at Home Depot,” the store states.

“We are taking a step back from our traditional retail model and making it easier for you and your family to shop for your home and home goods online and to get them quickly and conveniently,” the statement continues.

“As you browse our inventory, we will be able to provide you with products at a lower price than you normally pay for them.

Our inventory will remain the same for years to come.

In the meantime, you can still buy products at Home Decor and we encourage you to do so.”

The announcement comes after a number of Home Deco stores have been closed in the last few months.

The website had previously offered discounts for purchases of up to 50% off.

In February, a Home Deconstructed store was closed in Atlanta.

A few months earlier, a separate online store was also shut down in New York City.