Which is the best gift for someone who’s got a love of home decor?

Which is the best gift for someone who’s got a love of home decor?

What is a “zen home” decor?

Zen means “mindfulness” in Japanese.

A home in which people meditate, read and play together, is a zen-like place, said a post on the Japanese blog Shōnen Sunday.

The Japanese term zen, translated as mindfulness, is also a Buddhist term.

“It’s a very powerful concept that’s been around for ages, and is the basis of Buddhism,” said Zen instructor Yumi Okada, who is also the founder of the Zen Center for Peaceful Living in Los Angeles.

It’s also the theme of the upcoming new Japanese anime series Zen, which will be aired on Japanese TV starting in March.

In Zen, a Zen teacher gives his students a special meditation guide to help them live more consciously and effectively.

The guide explains how to be mindful of one’s emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Okada says she’s inspired by the Zen teachers’ meditation guides and is planning to launch her own Zen center in Los Vegas.

If you love Zen, try this video to learn how to live zenfully and peacefully.

How to be Zen and make the most of your home in a post shared by Zen Zen Zen Master (@zenzenmaster) on Feb 8, 2018 at 4:19pm PST

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