Traditional home decor 1940s home design,1930s home decoration

Traditional home decor 1940s home design,1930s home decoration

In a time when people wanted to live their life to the fullest, many families and homeowners were very traditional in their design.

The 1920s were a time of change in home decor as well as a time for the home designer to create a new style for the country.

These houses had a more modern look and some of them had decorative touches.

In this 1940s style home decor book by Edith S. Lee and Mary A. Bohn, the original house is pictured.

It is not the style of the home, but rather the house style that we want to see.

I love how they used original materials, the fireplace, a beautiful wood fireplace and a modern style light fixtures and curtains.

When the fireplace was added, the decor was so modern, and the colors and patterns on the fireplace were so beautiful, I was really drawn to the design.

There was a little bit of an air of elegance about this house, and I think it would have looked great in any modern home.

I loved the colors.

I really loved the way the light fixtures were arranged, and it was really nice to have that kind of decoration throughout the home.

This 1950s home was by James M. Cramer.

He loved the idea of using old, vintage furniture to create new pieces of furniture.

If you look at this modern home design book by Frank H. Jones and Lyle P. Miller, the interior is very minimal.

They did use modern materials to make their furniture, but I think the colors were a little off and the design looked a little bland and boring.

Another house by Frank Jones and Miller, this one is by William L. Williams.

His style of house was very modern and elegant, and they added a lot of details in the kitchen and bathrooms.

We love the way that they used wood in the windows.

I love the detail that was used on the doors.

The kitchen is so beautiful.

A 1950s house by James L. Miller and Lenny L. Pritchard.

One of the first homes that I ever saw that was actually used as a restaurant was this 1950s style kitchen by James Miller.

Lenny Lephart also designed a lot in this style home.

The decor was very minimal and very contemporary.

You can see how the kitchen was done.

Frank Pritchett built this home in 1930s style and I was so proud of this house because I was the first person that was allowed to come in and actually cook in this home.

There were a lot more cooks than I would have ever been able to cook, so I think they really made the home very, very modern.

I wanted to design a house that I would be proud to own and I really wanted it to look like the home I was designing.

I was really excited when I was given the opportunity to build this house and to be able to work with Frank and Lula.

They really did create a beautiful home, and when I had the opportunity I was very excited.

Here is a house by M.C. Honecker.

M.C.’s house is very simple and very elegant.

It is a bit of a cross between a Victorian home and a very modern home and it is very unique.

James Miller designed a modern home in this book.

Some of the details on this home are very modern, but most of it is a mix of the 1930s and the modern home styles.

What I love about this home is that it is made out of a single piece of wood and the wood is very modern to me, but it has a little rustic charm to it.

She has a great fireplace.

There are no lights on this house.

All the lights were on the outside of the house, but the outside is very contemporary and the fireplace is very old.

My husband and I are very interested in what this home looks like when you sit in the living room.

For the rest of this home, we are looking at how this is going to look in my house, what colors we would like to have, and what types of items I would like in the house.

I would love to have a modern dining table, a big wine glass, a very elegant fireplace, and a big kitchen.

 We would like this to look very modern but not so modern that it looks like a 1950s or a 1930s home.

If you look closely, you can see a lot about the interior, the furniture, the design, and you can really see the evolution of the design and the furniture throughout the house and the style is very classic and modern.

Our next home is a 1930’s style house by Lula Pritchetts.

Her house is so modern.

There is a lot to see in the design of this 1930s house. You