Pineapple Home Decor Sale: Pineapple home décor sale now live!

Pineapple Home Decor Sale: Pineapple home décor sale now live!

This week, we’re going to take a look at Pineapple’s home decor items!

We’ve included a bunch of items to help you pick out the perfect piece for your new home!

Here are the items that are available:For the Pineapple Collection:A treehouse,a large treehouse with a railing, a deck, and a large tree,and an outdoor patio that can be used as a balcony.

An igloo, a treehouse in a tree, a large igloo with a large bed, and an outdoor terrace with a balcony and patio.

A terrace in a small house with a bench, a bed, a bench and a balcony, and another terrace to use as a porch.

For the Cherry Collection:An open terrace, a balcony with a couch, and balcony with seating.

A large terrace.

A dining room, an open terraces, and dining tables.

A kitchen, an opened terraces and dining table.

A balcony, a dining room and a dining table, a terrace and patio, and additional dining rooms.

For The Pineapple Family Collection: An open terraced patio and a patio with a table, chair, and fireplace.

An outdoor terraced kitchen.

An open patio with dining tables, a sofa, and tables.

The Pineapple collection is a great collection for anyone looking for something to keep them busy while they’re away from home.