Kirkland Home Decor Brand Kicks Off New ‘Home Decor’ Campaign

Kirkland Home Decor Brand Kicks Off New ‘Home Decor’ Campaign

The first commercial launch of Kirkland’s new home decor brand is a two-minute video and will launch online in March 2018.

The video, titled “We Want You to Look at Me” (above), shows the brand’s first ad campaign on TV, and is directed by Kevin O’Leary, the former CEO of the Canadian arm of Trump’s The Trump Organization.

The video stars Kirkland founder and CEO Steve McQueen, and will feature a brand-new logo, brand-spanking-new packaging, and a new website that will be the official portal for Kirkland products.

It is unclear whether Kirkland is targeting a specific demographic, like millennials or people in their 20s.

The brand has long been known for selling products designed for families and young adults.

Kirkland has been an industry leader in home decor since 2004, and has been a fixture at the CES 2017, the Consumer Electronics Show, and the International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas.

Last year, Kirkland announced that it had sold over a million pieces of home decor to its customers, and expects that number to climb significantly in the coming years.

Kirklands brand has also become a popular choice for designers and home buyers looking to buy new, high-end home decor items.