What do you need to know about Japanese home decor

What do you need to know about Japanese home decor

Nordic home decor retailer Kinko’s is hosting a live chat with Nordic Home Designers, a Nordic style home decor brand, on Friday to discuss the brand’s home decor concepts.

The brand’s mission is to “create a new world of beauty and happiness.”

Kinko said the chat is designed to give the Nordic home designers an opportunity to “answer questions on the brand.”

Nordic designers have been doing “touristy” tours of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa for several years, Kinkos founder and president HÃ¥kan Nordin said.

He said Nordic would be showcasing the brand in different countries, but did not give a timeline for when the Nordics will return to the U.S.

A few days ago, the company posted a photo of a woman wearing a scarf in her hair as part of a Nordic-style home decor tutorial on Instagram.

The video shows the woman and a white model holding up a scarf and holding it in front of her eyes.

The Nordic Home Designer chat is taking place at 5 p.m. on Friday at Kinkopi, a store in the downtown Seattle area.

You can also follow the Nordical Home Design channel on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.